We've intentionally tried to limit the number of membership guidelines. World of Warcraft is a social game with a lot of player interactions and attempting to devise guidelines for every eventuality would be an unfulfilling and ultimately fruitless task. We trust our members to act maturely & responsibly. By and large the guidelines below are simply common sense and what are needed to keep our community running smoothly whilst protecting the wider reputation of the guild.


Act maturely and treat other players with respect at all times

This applies to every player that you interact with in the game, not just other guild members. This also includes activities that are outside of the game but still related to World of Warcraft (e.g. forum conduct on the guild website & the official Blizzard website). 


Comply with the terms of service for World of Warcraft

We ask that members refrain from behavior that breaches the Blizzard/World of Warcraft terms of service. This includes engaging in activities that are considered "exploits" by the development team.


Abide by the roleplaying policies of the server

Our guild was founded on a roleplaying server and we've always asked that our members respect the roleplaying rule set. This covers naming conventions as well as behavior in certain global chat channels. We do ask that members refrain from the use of leetspeak in guildchat and try to keep to English wherever possible. Please note that we neither expect nor require members to engage in roleplaying activities unless they wish to.